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Wiebke Wetzel

Customer Experience Training

The fine line

Did you ever have to call support because your laptop suddenly wouldn’t boot? How did you like it when the …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel9. März 2014

A customer journey

We all attempt to deliver great service when in contact with a customer. Surprisingly our customers are still not always …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel8. September 2013

The best service is the service our customers don’t need

When I look through customer feedback I frequently read „The Tech Support was great but I should not have needed …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel18. August 2013

Trust your team

How often do your agents have to ask you for approval? They work on a case and have an idea …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel13. Juni 2013

Together, not top down

How often do managers ask their people about what goes wrong in their company’s processes? And how often do they …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel8. Juni 2013

What motivates us

Ever now and then I come back to this great video. Not only because of what it tells us but …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel8. Juni 2013

Start with why

I love the TED conference talks and I spend many Sunday mornings cruising through inspiring talks. One of my all …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel4. November 2012

Solving a customer’s pain

Hands up if you never had a customer case in which you failed to give the customer what he needed …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel4. November 2012

Empower employees

About two years ago I read the book „Delivering Happiness“ from Tony Hsieh. He claims that one success factor of …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel26. September 2012

Business Model Generation

Do you think about starting your own business? Or do you want to understand what is wrong with your employers …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel15. September 2012