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Connect with a customer

While it is difficult to dazzle and surprise a customer in a normal service transaction sometimes we have the chance to do so. I experienced a perfect example last week when I called my bank to order Japanese Yen for our vacation. One should think that there is not a lot the bank could do to surprise me and indeed it was not the bank – it was the service employee. She was excited about me travelling to Japan and when I said that I had read getting money with a credit card can be difficut she told me her personal first hand experiene. When she had been to Japan some years ago she had found that you can get money with a European cash card at post offices. Much better than carrying lot’s of cash with you. At the end of the call she asked where we plan to go and asured me that it will be great over there and that she would love to travel to Japan again.

One person with her love to Japan turned a mere business transaction call into fun. Who would think that among all employees I would talk to her? I hope to meet her when I go to the bank tomorrow to order a bit of cash, and I am sure I will get some more valuable advise for my journey.

7. April 2015

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