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Wiebke Wetzel

Customer Experience Training

Answer a customer’s feedback

Do you send out surveys to your customers? What do you do with the feedback you get? My mom recently …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel2. September 2012

Voice of the customer

Customer service agents together with the sales team are most likely those in a company who are in closest contact …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel5. August 2012

King customer

In Germany we have the saying „the customer is the king“ which we use in the sense of „the customer …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel15. Juli 2012

Delivering Happiness

A book that grew into a movement. Delivering happiness is the story of Tony Hsieh who failed in business several …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel23. Juni 2012

Steal like an artist

Fun to read and makes you think about barriers you set yourself. By waiting until we are perfect in what …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel17. Juni 2012

Pleasing customers

We all want to please our customers. Our companies have invested a vast amount of money into goodies and free …Weiterlesen

Wiebke Wetzel2. Juni 2012