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Finding solutions, not problems

Some people see problems, some see the chance to find a solution. Which type are you?

The fun of support is to find solutions for our customers. I love this piece and the more complex the question the more fun it is. My customer urgently needs a product we don’t have in the warehouse, but the US colleagues have. Is there a way to get it to the customer? Sure, that’s an easy one. Can we get a scientific instrument repaired at a weekend so that it can be shipped to Africa on Monday? Well, not so easy, especially if the engineers are in Finnland and the instrument is in Germany – we needed some more days. But we did solve it finally.

Finding a solution is rewarding and it is addictive. It certainly is for me, my team and many other Technical Support people I know. Those are the people you want to have in your support team. And those are the people whom the customers love to call.

But still, I often meet the other personality in support: those who see the problem. And all the other problems. And instead of being excited about finding solutions they will complain about the customers, about production, about quality assurance and so on. I recently found a site with a promising title: Tech Support Comedy. I thought, wow – something about the fun we can have in the job. After reading the first forum posts I got annoyed by the arrogance, the I know-it-all attitude, and the jokes about stupid customers. Yes, our customers normally know less than us about our products. That’s good, because we wouldn’t have a job if it was different. And we wouldn’t have solutions for them.

And honestly, do we know more than our customers about their job? Certainly not. So let us find solutions for our customers so that they can solve the problems they have in their job.

7. April 2015

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