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Pleasing customers

We all want to please our customers. Our companies have invested a vast amount of money into goodies and free stuff. But does that make our customers satisfied or does it just please them? Will it help to turn them to loyal customers or will they just take the goody and move on?

A customer who calls our customer service first of all expects us to answer her questions and to fix her problem. And she expects us to do it fast. If we fail to do so any goody we might give her will still leave her unsatisfied. But if we can fix her problem she might even forgive us being businesslike or worst case a bit brisk.

We should not excuse a bad behavior but we should stop thinking that being pleasant and nice will do the job. At the end of the day the content makes the difference to the customer, not the wrapping.

A good read on this is the article Stop trying to delight your customers.

7. April 2015

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