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Trust your team

How often do your agents have to ask you for approval? They work on a case and have an idea of what they could do to help their customer. And then they have to ask for approval.

And how often do you not approve? I would guess that in most cases we approve what our agents suggest. They know their customer and their case better than we do and they should know the company’s policy.

So why don’t we trust them?

In my team I am the one with the most experience. But customers change and I our job changes. So I have to learn from my team as much as they learn from me. For each of my team I looked for a long time, each of them brought new knowledge into the team. And I need to trust them as much as they have to trust me. So why should I force them ro ask for approval and make their work more difficult?

Processes built on mistrust are slow and expensive. Proesses built on trust save time and money.

7. April 2015

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