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Do you have a mission?

Do you have a mission for your customer service team? Does it inspire and motivate your employees and your customers?

Many companies have a vision or mission statement. In a vision statement they define their long term goal. They want to be the world leader in ___, they speak about innovation, value and profit. Frankly spoken, nothing their customers can connect to.

A mission statement is much more powerful. It declares the purpose for doing what you do. Purpose is a great motivator. It will motivate employees to work for you and to give their best to let the company grow. And it will motivate your customers to make business with you. A company mission however can be difficult to connect to for customer service employees. They don’t develop the products and they don’t always understand what their customers use them for. Use the company mission to define your customer service mission.

Make it precise and strong, delete all buzzwords and management speak. Be brave to voice a vision of a better world. Let people know how you can contribute to their lives and that you are willing to. Think big, not small.

Explore what your customers do and what they dream off. Think about their worries and how you can support them. Imagine the future you want to build and how your products contribute.

Ask people in the Research & Development groups and in Product Management why they joined the company. What do they like about the products and what is their goal when developing a new product. What do they want the customers to do with them?

Make it a team exercise by gathering input from the employees. Give them time and room to think big – we are so used to thinking small that it doesn’t come naturally to us. Give the lead to the ideators and the strategic people. Let the analytical people voice and discuss their concerns – they have the most sensitive buzzword sensor. And finally ask the emotional people for their gut feelings.

Challenge yourself and don’t settle with a mediocre statement. Don’t define the least common denominator. You can do better than that.

Once you found it celebrate your mission and make it part of your daily work. Don’t store it in a drawer to collect dust.

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7. April 2015

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